Aukey 4-USB 54W Quick Charge 2.0 Car Charger with AIPower Smart charging

I was on the market of an all in one charger for my vehicle. Having few 12v socket on my vehicle. The I saw this Aukey 4-USB 54W Quick Charge 2.0. This device solve the issue I have.

Packaging 9/10

Small box yet all the necessary info is there to know what is the item for. Inside the box you get the standard micro USB cable, the unit itself, and some warranty card info.

Build Quality 7/10

The unit has a solid feel to it the ports are well laid out and the quick charge port has a different color (orange). 4 USB surely is plenty enough for some of the gadget I have. The fit of the USB cables is snug and almost no wiggle making sure when the cable is plugged in it will have a solid connection.

Functionality 9/10

Tested the quick charge port on Samsung Note 5 to I was glad that it was being detected by the phone as a quick charge charger never the less the full charge was quick. Next was an Iphone 6Plus same as the Note 5 the flawless operation of the device was evident. So far no issues at all and this device will be surely one of the thing must have for people with lots of gadget on their vehicle.


Overall the unit worked well, I loved it and being used almost every day even for a short drive to get more juice for you devices. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND this unit for those looking for an all in one charger for your device in your vehicle.