AUKEY Magnetic Car Mount (HD-C24)

AUKEY Magnetic Car Mount (HD-C24)

Is your phone all over the place when driving? Not enough caddy to hold it? Aukey has a solution for that hustle the AUKEY Magnetic Car Mount (HD-C24).

Packaging 10/10

As for all AUKEY products the mount comes in a brown box simple yet functional. All the bit and pieces are well secured. You get the mount itself, two sets of magnetic pad a circular and a rectangular, warranty card and user manual.

Build Quality 9/10

Build quality is good except the small lever for added support is a bit flimsy although it held up using it to support a tablet (7 inch). For phones its adequate and no issues. The double sided tape are 3M® kudos on that it will surely be a secure patch when you decide to stick it to your device. The swivel/adjustable ball head with a knobby screw locking nut is well made making necessary adjustment a breeze. The tips that attached to the vent of your vehicle have two different slits (big and small) and they are made of good quality rubber.


Functionality 9/10

For the test I was using an Iphone 6 Plus with a simple TPU case. I just sandwich the rectangular pad between the phone and the case, to my surprise it will have a substantial amount of grip between the mount and the case. After installing it to one of the car vent and making some few adjustment I was able to find the suitable angle for my liking. Pulling out the phone seems easy yet enough to hold it place even driving in a rough road surface.

Overall the Aukey Magnetic Car Mount works as advertised. The connection between the phone and the mount is great. The adjustable cradle support works for bigger phones and even for small tablet for added support. One thing you need to consider if you phone/tablet has a thicker case sandwiching the pad between the phones and the case may not work. I magnetic connection may not be sufficient to get the phone/tablet secured on the mount. Some people may not like a magnetic pad at the back of their device but you just have to consider the form of functionality. One thing I also notice when the AC of the vehicle is ON the vent is being blocked especially if you have a bigger device. If you can live with those things mentioned you have a great product that you will be happy with.

Video Unboxing

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.