GOTPIN Lightning Cable

GOTPIN Lightning Cable

Tired of paying a premium on Apple’s Lightning cable? Have a look of this cable you’ll be surprised on how well they are made and the functionality is the same as the expensive ones.

Packaging 10/10

Nothing special here just a simple zip lock bag with three lighting cable in it. At the back it has a bar code for easy reference. Other than that that pretty much it.

Build Quality 9/10

This cable are quite nice, the connectors fits easily from the iphone to ipads. Branding is on the lightning end of the cable simple yet distinguishable. Light the Apple’s version this comes in white color none the less without the badging you might think this are the Apple’s version. The cable is long enough to suite your charging needs

Functionality 9/10

Not much to say here they tend to do a great job on charging and synching the device. Never had any issue where the device is not detected. And charging with this cable is at full speed. Comparing to the cheapo ones I have they on charge @ .25A this ones do pretty well charging your devices. The durability is not yet proven at this point I have been using this for couple days and will update the review in the near future if ever there will be a degradation of the functionality of the cable.


Overall for the price you can’t beat that. Getting three for nearly as half of the Apple’s version is no brainier. Give them a try for sure you’ll be happy you did not only you save money in the process you have some spares to go along with. Highly Recommended!