Kealive Motion Sensor Light

Do you need to lit a cabinet? Hallway? Or even stairs without any hustle figuring out where to run the electric cable? This item surely do the job and do it well.

Packaging 10/10

The box comes in three set of light individually packed. Together with the lights comes a set of instructions. The only missing is 4 pcs of AAA battery to get the ball rollin.

Build Quality 9/10

Build quality is good. The included magnetic strip for easy installation. The small door is just enough for the AAA battery to be inserted. The five LEDs (each side) are bright and rated around 6000k making it a good source of white light. The sensor is not that sensitive when the ambient light is adequate but when it dim the sensor works great and no issue turning the light on.

Functionality 9/10

Installed the light on the closet well well well I was glad to see that it was bright enough to make it easy to find clothes that you’re looking. The other set were installed in the kitchen very convenient when you want to sneak and grab a sandwich at night J. The included magnetic strip makes the installation easy once installed you’re good to go. Replacing the battery is easy. I haven’t tested how long the battery will last, since the light is using LEDs I’m sure the battery will last for a bit under normal use.


Overall the light set are great addition to any home, Sometimes we just need ample amount of light to make the room closet or even kitchen a bit more brighter. This is where these light come to play very easy install and no brainer at all to use, install battery, stick off you go. The kit comes in 3 it might be on the pricey side but hey you get what you pay for great build quality and ease of use. Maybe the nest time the manufacturer will include batteries too just my two cents. A highly recommended product! Must have item.

Video Unboxing

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.