LED Book/Music Stand Light

LED Book/Music Stand Light

Like reading books at night time but don’t want to disturb the person beside you? This mini book light is a versatile and adjustable. Let have a look and see if it does do the job.

Packaging 10/10

Simple white box with all the necessary information about the item. Inside you will find the light itself wrap in a protective plastic, a proprietary USB charger plug and the user manual.

Build Quality 9/10

The light is made from plastic  and with very flexible goose neck like neck. The clamp is sturdy and the other end of it provide more flexibility  with a swivel piece and it’s also padded. The clamp roughly opens around two inches. The charge port is located at the base and uses a proprietary USB connection to charge the unit. Very light weighing around 134g you won’t notice having it clipped on your book.

Functionality 9/10

The unit provide a very good adjustability thank s to the gooseneck like arms you can surely find the best position you wish, they are long enough to fully lit a large book. It has two settings LOW and HIGH one thing to take note the switch is a bit noisy when pressed (just a nitpick) it emits a white light making sure the illumination is adequate. The built in rechargeable battery makes it convenient. I wish when charging it has an indicator light telling you it fully charge.Not only for its good for reading book has it also made a good night light.


The light is great to have not only for reading books you can also use it in other ways. One thing to take not it the proprietary charging cable. I would like it to be a micro USB instead for simplicity. Overall the light is very bright and adjustability is awesome. This is a must have for bookworms alike and more. A highly recommended item!

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.