LED Multifunction Eye-Protection Desk Lamp (Model: LT-T9)

Are you looking for a lamp with great flexibility and different modes not to strain your eyes? The LED Multifunction Eye-Protection Desk Lamp (Model: LT-T9) will surely fit. Let’s have a look…

Packaging 10/10

Cardboard box and “Go Green with Aukey” not only the simplistic form of packaging also Aukey is thinking about the environment. The lamp is securely held by flaps of the box, prior to that the lamp is in a protective plastic and the lamp head itself is covered with bubble wrap for added protection. Together with the set of instruction and warranty card a supplied small power adapter is neatly tuck on a small box. Packaging is well thought of.

Build Quality 10/10

Solid build! The base is sturdy and the touch sensitive button makes it a premium feel except the shiny finish that will make a good finger print magnet same as the lamp head. The body is made out of aluminum with a sand blast finish. With this combination it will be an eye catcher on your desk. The hinges have good resistance and it does hold its position very well when adjusted. Lightweight and ease of use

Functionality 10/10

With the flexibility and adjustability makes a very versatile desk lamp. With different light modes (studying, reading and relaxing) and the ability to adjust the brightness level makes it an ideal choice for an all in one desk lamp. The 8W power consumption help to lessen the electric bill. Because the use of LED the lifespan is rated 35000 hours and furthermore the consistent light output. Together with all this awesome feature and making it all lightweight it will be surely a hit to students, professionals, or any individual seeking to find a great desk lamp. With this lamp it lessen your eye strain on prolong use.

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Overall the LED Multifunction Eye-Protection Desk Lamp (Model: LT-T9) is a great product together with the different modes and brightness level you can have one desk lamp that will do several uses. With adjustability you can easily direct the light were you wanted too. The looks will surely fit modern desk a like. This is a highly recommended item. Aukey did an excellent product.


*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.