Mpow 3 in 1 Professional Clip-On Camera Lens Kit

Are you tired not getting the picture right with your cell phone? Using paid aps that do not come close to having real optics? This kit is for you, lets have a look.

Packaging 9/10

The box is small and details are stated on it. Nothing real to get much of your attention until you open it. Upon doing so you are greeted with two lenses, lens clip, pouch, and set of instructions.

Build Quality 9/10

Upon inspecting the optics are made of high quality glass. The lens have threads in them for secure mounting on the included clip. The included lens cap are a plus. Three lens are included macro, wide and fish eye. Clips are sturdy and padded too. You won’t have any issue using them on different kinds off cell phones.

Functionality 9/10

Attaching the lens to the included clips is a simple just screw them up and align the lens on the camera making sure it’s centered. Need not to worry your phone will be safe cause the clips are padded. I started using the fish eye lens as the name implies it give you a distorted field of view on your surroundings. Now I know how fish looks the world around them ;). Wide and is next but you have to take note you need the Macro lens also to get the wide effect. Macro all I can say on this lens is WOW is give you the ability to get up close and personal on the things you’re taking pictures with. This is my favorite of all the lenses in the kit.

Overall the kit exceeds my expectations I didn’t encounter any major flaw or issue on the kit. All the thing you needed are included and it not just subjective to particular brand of phone as long as the lens of the camera of your phone can be reached by the included clip your good to go. I HIGHLY Recommended this item it’s a must for people using their cell phone most often when you don’ want to lug on your DSLR.

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.