MPOW Cheetah Bluetooth Earphones

MPOW Cheetah Bluetooth Earphones

You like moving a lot and doing some exercise. Ordinary headphone swill not stay in your ear? Fear not MPOW Cheetah are about to solve the issue lets have a look.

Packaging 10/10

MPOW is pushing the simple brown box and I personally like it and makes it distinguishable and earth friendly packaging. Specifications are clearly labelled. Opening the box reveals the earphones and extra earplugs (small and large) that are wrap in protective plastic. A instruction manual with different languages from English to Traditional Chinese. A micro USB charging cable with the signature textured surface for added grip.

Build Quality 9/10

Like most MPOW earphone this are no exception, the quality is great and build solidly. This are quite heavy compare to the other model/s like the Flamingo or wolverine to name a few. They have a flexible center band that hugs the back of your neck. The over the ear design add more stiff plastic to make sure that they stay in place when being used. The earplugs are soft and they will contour to your ear perfectly. They are sweat proof and the micro USB charging port is also covered with a plug to prevent moisture getting inside the earphones. Nice bright LED and the tactile feel of the button are excellent.

Functionality 9/10

Pairing is a breeze simple and the connection is rock solid. The test conducted as follows;

MUSIC – relatively on the normal side of the equalizer not too bassy nor to much high tones just enough to get the clear audio being stream to your device, I personally like a bit more bass when I listen to music a simple EQ will certainly fix that. Overall I like the balance nature of the sound of this MPOW Cheetah produces. Long press (2 seconds) on the +/- keys will skip the track or rewind to the previous track your listening too and regular press of the +/- key will adjust the volume.

CALL – crisp and clear the tonality of the voice of the person on the other line is great and hence they can hear me perfectly. The high efficiency mic that they use on these earphones is one of the best so far. Nice and clear. You can also do voice dialing with these just press and hold the multi-function button for at least three seconds then say the name or number you wish to call. Answering and ending a call is handled by the multi-function button and double press will redial the last number.


The quality is great and can’t complain to the functionality of this earphones. They are comfy and stays firmly no matter what kind of activity you are engage in. due to the design you’re assure that they will stay in place. I’ve tested several earphones from MPOW to other brands this ones belongs to the top 5 list of earphones I like. I personally recommend them a great quality item again for MPOW.