Mpow Flamingo/Elk Bluetooth Earphones

Mpow Flamingo/Elk Bluetooth Earphones

Need to listen to your tunes when working out? Or even walking? Plus the convenience of have to answer phone calls? MPOW did it again with these Bluetooth earphones. Let’s have a look if they are up par with the expensive Bluetooth earphones out in the market place.

Packaging 10/10

The packaging cannot be better than this, no fancy picture or elaborate media to catch your attention. Just a plain box with all the details stated outside the box. Simple yet it works. Also less use of ink the more environmentally the packaging is. With it you get the earphones, manual, charging USB cable and two sets of rubber ear buds.

Build Quality 10/10

These are light and fit really well, you can easily change the earbuds upon which one fits you from small to large making it customizable. The added ear hook make sure they stay in place no matter what activity you may engage in. the buttons have a very tactile feedback when pressed. The small LED give you the information on the connectivity of the device. The cord is long enough to place behind your head and it’s made from a tangle free material making the storage of the earphones a breeze. The rubber cover for the charge port fits smugly making sure it won’t corrode from exposure to sweat. The included micro usb cable has a real nice textured pattern and quality is top notch. Hoping all the USB cables form MPOW will have this type of feature.

Functionality 9/10

I own several MPOW earphones from regular ones to the Bluetooth connected ones. This are one of my favorite. They are light and easy to connect to your mobile device for music and hands free operation. These earphones are don’t excel on the bass side of music yet the mids and high are awesome. Comparing to the wolverines the punch a lot of bass. Still the quality is there and personally I like it rather than having muddy bass when listening. Just them time to break in after a while they will surely sound great. The voice quality is good, clear and little distortion. The connection is great thanks to the Signal Enhance Technology built it to the earphones.



I just love them form the simplicity of making the connection to the clear music and voice quality they are great and surely can compete with high price similar device out in the market. With the long battery they will be good several trip to your local gym and have extra to play music. If you’re in a market for a good quality Bluetooth earphones give this one a try surely you’ll be happy and be pleased on the sound quality they deliver. Highly recommended product.


*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.