Mpow Solar Powerd LED Light

Today we take a look of the two most popular Solar Powered Motion Sensor LED Light form MPOW. We have two model for this review, the 20 LED and the 8 LED model. Let’s have a look shall we…

20 LED Model

This unit is almost twice as the size of the 8 LED model. Given that the amount of light it produce is very bright. It may be suited for large area coverage. Mine arrive uncharged but after a full day under the bright sun I was surprised upon the light it tends to emit. Surely I was happy to be able to see the full intensity of the lights. You got three modes;

File_002 (2)

  • -Strong Long Light Mode
  • -Dim Light Sensor Mode
  • -Strong Light Sensor Mode

My primary use was on the patio I used the Dim Light Sensor Mode. The unit will emit a dim light when no more sunlight and get to full brightness when the motion sensor trips. It was able to cover the entire patio (10 ft x 4 ft).

The construction is top notch compare to others this one is weather sealed and build quality is good. This unit is powered by an 18650 type battery @ 2200 mAh. This is good because when the battery life degrades you can easily replace it by removing few screws. I haven’t fully test how long it will last but for the few days I was using it never had any issues.File_001 (2)

It’s true the sensor is quite sensitive around 15 ft it can easily be triggered, very convenient. The solar panel have a great build quality. Removing the back panel reveal a somewhat a gasket to protect the internals. Mounting material is included in the kit so no guessing what type of screws to be use that fits the unit. Overall quality is great as any MPOW product I’ve seen.

File_005 (1)

Like its small brother the only downside I can think off is the MODE Switch. That is located underneath the unit itself. The only drawback is that once you set the mode you want and screw it in place, you have you dismount the unit in order to change the mode again. It will be great if the next generation of this awesome Solar lights the mode switch can be easily accessible.

At the end I highly recommend this product. If you want an easy way to put a light on a patio garage door or what not this is a great product. Once you got it set need not to worry. Another great innovation form MPOW.


8 LED Model
This is the smaller brother of the MPOW Solar Powered 20 LED Security Light Motion Sensor. Like its big sibling the unit has different MODES

  • -Strong Long Light Mode
  • -Dim Light Sensor Mode
  • -Strong Light Sensor Mode

Whichever suite you needs for sure there will be a mode that will cater to it. The unit is also considered weather sealed so not to worry if it rains or snow you’re confident that the unit will worked as advertised.

File_003 (2)
Although the unit is small don’t get fooled by it, this actually emits great amount of light coming from the 8 LEDs installed on the unit. I tested the unit in our patio and to my surprise just one of this is well enough to light the entire area. It’s powered by a 18650 type battery which is great, if time comes and the life of the battery degrades you can easily replace it. The sensor is quite sensitive around 15 ft away it will trigger the light.
Like the 20 LED version the mode switch is located at the back of the unit. Once you installed and screw the unit you have you un-mount it to change the mode (just in case you want to) hope the future iteration of the product will have the mode switch accessible after its been mounted.File_004 (1)

Overall the unit is highly recommended, by far this is the best one I’ve seen so far with the features and ease of use it is highly recommended.


*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me by Patec in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.