MPOW Wolverines Bluetooth Earphones

MPOW Wolverines

This review is made possible by Patec in providing a sample product.

I’ve have several MPOW products (merely earphones) this ones are the most elegant looking. Simplicity is the key I think on making a great product. Also need not to spend a lot to experience good quality sound. So without further hesitation let’s get start at it.


What more can I say this earphones comes in a small box and contains all the necessary this you need to get stated. Fairly to say it’s nice for MPOW to include several ear supports pieces to help the individual find the one that fits. The usual micro USB charging cable, set of earbuds from small to large, sets of instructions, and two kinds of ear supports.

File_000   File_002


This are the probably the most elegant ear phone I have from MPOW. The brushed aluminum housing is exceptionally well made and the of course the logo. Lightweight and the flat cable at it easy to carry and store away. Latest Bluetooth technology for easy paring with your device/s. Noise cancelling features works great! Love this feature on calls clearly the other person on the line can be easily heard. The tactile feel of the button feels great. The different combination on your disposal on finding the right ear support to fit you also provide some flexibility and customization for your own liking. Tested the medium size ear support and did some jogging I was quite surprise they stayed in place. The cord is just long enough that it doesn’t dangle all over the place while doing my activity.




Paring is easy and relatively simple, the Bluetooth 4.1 helps a lot in this process. The range is quite amazing.

First test was playing some regular music from heavy bass, orchestra, acoustic, and even when playing games this earbuds are well above the average. Let me share my thoughts, in listening to some TRAP music I find the bass above mid level not too much but surely enough to hear and feel I did try to compare it to the MPOW Swift the swift tend to have more bass to it. But for the other type of music the are awesome and I can’t complain to the clarity they deliver. Surely Mpow had the right components for a good sounding earphones. With regards to call it was definitely loud and clear thanks to the noise cancelling feature built in. Although I haven’t totally drain the battery life in one use definitely they last you the time you spent on the gym or whatever kind of activity you may in to. Surely this set are one of the top list or Bluetooth earphones I own.



For the price range ($20+/- CDN) I can’t complain they deliver good sound and the feature you get is comparable to the high end earphone that money can buy also the amount of customization to fit your needs is really good. Fit and finish is well thought of. Surely they are highly recommended get them while you can. Can’t wait for the next Bluetooth earphones for MPOW.

Also, I love the fact that they actually stay in the ears while jogging but you have to be patient to find the right earbuds and ear stabilizers. Well, these rules apply to each and every sports headset. People are just impatient to find the right fit for their ears and they think that the headset is crap.

All in all, I can definitely recommend this pair or earphones as I didn’t find any major shortcomings. These are definitely one of the better ones I’ve tested if we talk about $20 price point.