Patec 4K UHD 20MP Action Camera

Patec 4K UHD 20MP Action Camera

Need to capture your vacation? Or even doing underwater shot? Go no further let have a look on the Patec 4K UHD 20MP Action Camera.

Packaging 10/10

Usual brown box with the information stated at the front. Upon opening you’re greeted with 3 separate box. The camera box, accessories box and another bigger accessory box. The camera itself it’s in the water proof case making it safe for shipping purposes. The other accessories are neatly tuck on their respective boxes.

Build Quality 9/10

The camera feels good on the hand and rubber grip that surrounds the case makes it easy to handle. The screen is very bright making it easy to make some adjustment even when used under water. The button press is responsive and tactile. The included accessories are well made and works on other similar camera accessory.

Functionality 8/10

There are couple of modes and setting that you can use. From VGA to UHD resolution. I personally like using the 1080P, -0.7 EV, ISO 100 this makes the sky more manageable when filming and avoiding the blown out or washed out effect both on video and picture. Testing the camera on 1080p setting is good but not that great. I get chromatic aberration on the video and stills. Just FYI the testing was on a rainy cloudy day will further test the unit when the sun is out and good amount of light. The stabilization works rather pretty well, it can manage to correct minute movements hand held. The camera is versatile and give you option to adjust it to your liking. The field of view cam be adjusted from 70 – 170 degrees, same for the ISO 100-400, and of course the resolution from VGA up to UHD resolution. It comes with all sorts of attachment from helmet, bike, or even to a regular size tripod mount. This makes the camera connection limitless. With and extra battery that comes with the kit you assure you never miss that moment. FYI make sure the Micro SD your using is rated class 10 as recommended to get smooth video recording.


For quarter of a price of the leading action camera that are out there, this nails it with good sets of attachments, spare battery to booth. Like mentioned before the video/picture quality is not perfect but is good enough to be able to capture those moments when need. With adjustability to suit your needs and the wide range of setting you can adjust on the fly. With the downloadable app changing the settings was easy. I wished it came with its own charger (just nitpick). Overall the camera is great and I do highly recommend it.