Patec Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

Patec Powerful Mid-Size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier

Does you washroom or small room feels damped and feels like humidity is too high? A dehumidifier might help to remove excess moisture. Let’s check this mid size Thermo-Electric Dehumidifier from Patec.

Packaging 10/10

Fairly big size box but it keep the brown box theme as seen from different products from Patec. In the box you get the unit, power brick, and set of instruction. Simple packaging and no brainer to put it all together plug it in and off you go.

Build Quality 9/10

Relatively small size dehumidifier, compact and light. The power brick is not too bulky will get to that a bit more later. The reservoir is clear so you can easily determine the amount of water being collected by the device. Vents in front and on the side surely great in removing the moisture.

Functionality 9/10

I was a bit skeptical if the device will even work. After plugging it in and turning the power button I never knew how silent the operation of this device. Without the green LED from a far you won’t even notice that the device its doing it job. I test it in the washroom for several hours. I place a wet towel to simulate wetness. Ohh my I was surprise that it did a pretty good job. It was not perfect nor by any means comparing it to the industrial type dehumidifier this little guy did great. The container is not full so I added water near filling it up to check the auto shut off function. Work well the unit stop and yellow LED is lit that pertains to the reservoir is full. Rest assure if even you forgot to turn off the device it will turn off itself when it full very convenient.


Overall the unit works great and no complains for the intended functionality. My only concern is the power brick I wish it was built in the unit so you have to only worry about the plug to get the device working (just a nitpick) I find it bulky trying to tuck or hide it when the unit is being used. Don’t get the device fool you it maybe small yet it does a pretty good job. Did I mention its quiet? Whisper quite operation good acoustics. High recommended product!!!