Patec Programmable Gaming Mouse

First a big shout out to Patec for providing the review item.

Today will take a look of the Patec Programmable Laser Gaming Mouse with Adjustable DPI(16400/8200/4000/2000/1000), 8 Buttons, Adjustable LED Backlight, for Gamers (Personal Computers). Let’s start with the PRO’s and CON’s:

– DPI selection
– Mouse feels very solid to the hands
– Build quality is similar to big names mice’s
– Adequate amount of cable
– Braided wiring
– A spectrum of colours to choice from to suite your needs
– Travel and tactile feedback of the buttons
– Intuitive program to change the settings
– Sensitivity is pretty good

– Colour transitions needs a bit of work (not smooth transition from colour to colour)
– Cable maybe a bit stiff (subjective)
– Online software download merely nonexistent
– More advance settings missing on the software

In depth review:
I’m a big fan of “big” name mouse from Logitech, Corsair and Microsoft to name a few. I never imagine a third party manufacturer can provide the same caliber as the big names in the industry. The build quality is great didn’t expect the look and feel will be this great. The mouse itself comes in a sturdy plastic case that double as a carrying case if you travel or just to store it if you’re not using it (I doubt you will). I’ve been using this mouse for several days and so far the experience is really good. Different DPI setting can be achieve by a simple push of a button, and to top it all up the ever changing LED that you can customize to suit your needs to match your existing colour scheme. The tactile feel of the buttons is great and size fits really well for my hand size (subjective). The mouse have many features and the only downside the software included doesn’t fully utilize the full potential of it and advance setting/option will be great to have (maybe in the near future version of the software).
As mention it comes with a braided wire it’s a bit stiff it may snag at some point but surely not a big hustle. Noted a gold plated USB connector don’t know if it will yield to better performance but nice aesthetics. Over all the mouse itself doesn’t feel cheap by any means.
Tested it on most surfaces I had no issues at all. Using it as my daily mouse I begin to like it more and more I don’t miss any of the features of the other big names provide. For a straight on simple mouse its very well adequate to suit your day to day needs. And if you in a budget like me I won’t hesitate to get one of this for the amount of great feature you get for less you’ll be foolish not to grab one of this. With that in mind I’ll give it 4.5 stars, if the software ever get improve and the ability to download and upgrade the software and add more feature it deserves to have 5 stars

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me by Patec in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.