Patec USB External Optical Drive DVD-R Combo CD-RW Burner

Patec USB External Optical Drive DVD-R Combo CD-RW Burner

This day and age most of the laptops that are coming out seldom have a CD Rom drive. USB Flash drive are almost replacing them slowly yet surely, but there will come a time that a CD Rom Drive still comes to play with this item makes it possible to do that task. Let’s have a look shall we.

Packaging 9/10

Nothing fancy, simplicity is the key on making things work. Its simplistic and just a plane cardboard box stating the model number, accessories that comes with it and some of the specification. Upon opening you are greeted with the drive itself inside a protective plastic, set of instructions and two USB cable one for additional power and the other for data.

Build Quality 9/10

As mentioned before this drive is minimalistic and simplistic. Aesthetically pleasing with a good choice of colors (silver and black) which won’t have any issue on matching it to your other peripherals even on the Apple side surely it will fit. Good tactile feel on the eject button and rubber feet to hold it in place when using it. My only concern is some sharp edges on the primary casing but other than that the build quality is awesome.

Functionality 9/10

Specs wise its adequate for its intended purpose. Its plug and play and the PC didn’t have any issue detecting the device. One thing you have to remember is also lug the supplied extra cable for power. I did try to use just the data cable but it cut the job adding the additional usb power cable fixed that. I tested the device using a normal CD-R I have laying around, the unit is rated to have a write speed of 24X on normal CD-R’s and I was not disappointed is was easy and no brainer at all. Next phase was testing it with a DVD movie yet again the drive worked well.


Overall the item manage to do what is the intended function. We all know that flash memory is getting more and more widely available and the price keeps on dropping. Yet again when it comes to the old CD’s for archival purposes it’s still a medium that we can rely on. Having such device at hand when needed is great. For sure it will be quite a while for the CD Rom drive to be discontinued. Highly recommended item.

*Full disclosure: This product was provided to me by Patec in exchange for my unbiased and honest review. The opinions provided are 100% my own and I stay as objective as possible regardless of where the product(s) or service(s) came from.