Seedforce Bletooth Speaker (SPK-HH01)

Seedforce Bluetooth Speaker (SPK-HH01)

It’s cheap, portable, water resistant and with a great sound.

Packaging 10/10

Came in a small brown box all the necessary info is printed. Upon opening you get the speaker, manual, USB charging cable, reset pin, AUX Cable and a Happy/Unhappy card.

Build Quality 9/10

Solid build feels heavy and nice to the touch. With the molded rubbery cover makes it attractive and non-slip. The charging and the AUX port are covered to protect them from the elements. You get the usual button lay out plus, minus, call and power button. Behind the mesh grill you will see the two drivers and a center diaphragm. With a handy loop you can easily attached it in your bag or hang it if you please.

Functionality 8/10

I charge mine before I even try to use it. You’ll see a red LED lit when it’s charging and when it’s full the LED goes off. Pairing the speaker is as easy press and hold the power button until you hear several beep and a blue/red LED flashing lights indicate it’s in pairing mode. Let’s go a bit deeper on two aspect of testing the speaker;

Playing audio via Bluetooth – sound is good but not great mids and high are definitely there but it does lack bass (guess can’t complain much on the price point) mid volume level is still pretty clear to my surprise there is a bit distortion in high level volume. Still the speaker did do what’s intended function.

Playing audio via AUX – pretty much the same on Bluetooth connection the speaker worked well again lacking bass (subjective) other than that it’s far clearer using the AUX line compare to the Bluetooth connection.

Using for phone calls – the person on the other line was clear this is where this speaker shine due to the good mids and highs the call quality is great and loud, the sound was not muffled or distorted. The person can easily hear me clearly on our conversation surely the mic was efficient and was able to pick up the voice really well.

One thing you have to take note the volume up and down on the speaker doesn’t seem to work as a volume control. When using it to play music the button tend to act as a forward and back button. Although you can adjust the volume of the music via your device it will be more convenient if you can also do it on the device itself. Other than small rant on the volume control the speaker did really well and I’m happy to report its well-built, sound great, portable and water resistant makes it a great but for the price. Highly recommended!!