Cooking Thermometer

This review is made possible by Patec in providing a sample product.

I’m no chef by any means but it does sure helps to have a descent meat thermometer at hand. This product is the simplest accurate I’ve use. I use to use a laser thermometer but it does not do a good job guessing the inner temperature of meat and other stuff that temperature is critical. Let’s go to the details;


Simple box, came with a manual and the thermometer itself. The tip is protected by a rubber/silicon tube nice touch. The screen is protected by a plastic with a mock up temperature to have a visualization on the display. Also the battery is included.

File_000 (6)


One thing noticeable is the long probe of the unit. It will surely be easy to reach in inside of the meat to get the inner temperature. Whether you’re using F or C no issue there is a small switch to change that. Simple ON/OFF switch and a handle key hole to hang the unit whenever not in use. The great about this is the temperature range and how fast it register the temperature. No more guessing and waiting time will be minimal using this product.



Overall it is a nice addition to the kitchen it may not be uses most of the time but when needed it surely nice to have one handy, since BBQ season is around the corner it will sure serve a big purpose. No doubt this product is highly recommended.